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Abstract seeks fine art in all forms that engages with both the crises and joys of our shared human condition. We seek art that engages the edge of now; we seek to explore a future forward zeitgeist with a respect for the gifts of the past. We are looking for both established and emerging artists across a broad range of genres. Our criteria is quality.
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Becoming Kashmiri by Nyla Ali Khan

20 Nov 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Memoir

Art: Between earth and sky by Silvia Forzoni BECOMING KASHMIRI As I write this personal narrative at a geographical and physical remove from my land of origin, the Valley of Kashmir, it is not halcyon time or idyllic days of my childhood that haunt my memory, but the…


Art Feature: Paco Esteve

20 Nov 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Art

Art: SAMUEL CANO (photographer) By Ines Villeparisis y Paco Esteve ART FEATURE: PACO ESTEVE I have a degree in Sociology and also in Advertising and Public Relations. In both degrees I studied various specific subjects related to art. My first experience in the art world was the self-publishing…


Current Status, January 20 by W.L. Winter

17 Nov 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Poetry

Art: Firouzeh Bakhtiari CURRENT STATUS, JANUARY 20 Wild geese sing through icy branches,                         soft drops fall through a shallow breeze A long wave of rain rolls northeast                   …


Envy by Robert Ferrier

15 Nov 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Poetry

Art: Philip A. Zimmerman ENVY In my dream, I walk as Scott Momaday rocks beneath boots, beside a stream The breeze’s bite – winter’s presage My voice pours the poet’s baritone paints tropes – pine green the stream’s icy flow – blue and diamond Does peer…


Synesthesia by Heidi Turner

10 Nov 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Short Fiction

Art: Michael Marrella SYNESTHESIA Sex, drugs, and Rock-and- Roll are all the same. Modest Mouse was playing when I passed Simeon the blunt, a perfect little burrito of a universe. Before the hit, little rainbows danced around the edge of my vision, pirouetting across Bob Marley and…


Mr. Singh by Don Taylor

08 Nov 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Short Fiction

Art: Lavien Darja MR. SINGH It was 10 o’clock on a hot Tuesday morning in August. Jake jumped the fence at the back of the house, swung a kick at an empty Buckfast bottle beside the sand pit, and ran across the park to the Spar. Inside the…


The Beast by Don Taylor

06 Nov 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Short Fiction

Art: Vera Fonseka THE BEAST Sometimes you lie on your bed and remember. You remember the time uncle Josh came back from Canada and brought you the air pistol. He had to smuggle it in through customs. It was just like the ones you saw advertised on the…


C.D. Wright, ShallCross by rob mclennan

01 Nov 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Poetry

Art: André Gonçalves C.D. WRIGHT, SHALLCROSS Who will be the author? Speak for and to and with. What did I miss? Reeling, with remedy. A subject of big hands. Self-portrait, ibid. Taxonomy. This body an ocean. Relentless. Intimate, charged. How deep, when the water. Conversely. If…


The Glass As Half by Steven Mayoff

01 Nov 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Poetry

Art: Alexandra Bath by André Gonçalves THE GLASS AS HALF 1 Being alive in the moment and the moment to come. The drinking glass is a mind nourished on a facsimile of emptiness. The faucet sings one clear drip after another. The glass as half is…


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