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Abstract seeks fine art in all forms that engages with both the crises and joys of our shared human condition. We seek art that engages the edge of now; we seek to explore a future forward zeitgeist with a respect for the gifts of the past. We are looking for both established and emerging artists across a broad range of genres. Our criterion is quality.



Art Feature: Montage Mädels

22 Jan 2018, Posted by JL Jacobs in Art

“From birth, the species has taken possession of woman and tends to tighten its grasp.” Art: Edited by Men and Girls by Montage Mädels ART FEATURE: MONTAGE MADELS We are an artist collective called the Montage Mädels. Our first meeting was 9 November 2016—the day after the US…


Weiss Cyrillic Cyanidic Sans by Rose Knapp

19 Jan 2018, Posted by JL Jacobs in Art, Poetry

Art: Inver 3 by John Gregory Brown, @john.gregory.brown WEISS CYRILLIC CYANIDIC SANS London fog fades DevoursGlassDashallom HarediחֲרֵדִיحريمIAMBIC Incanroteblutpedantic PolygonalPentameter Los Angeles dust   Darts injects Tarsus Fake news feeds Cigarette clicks Sparks id ἰδέα Ideologos שאול Sheol Mosaic   Muses Miso Milan   Hover יְהֹוָה  אּיּוֹב Cumbia crashes Cash values…


Art Feature: OKC Reflections Series by Robert Ferrier

31 Dec 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Art

Art: Robert Ferrier, @Dante_Dreamer ART FEATURE: OKC REFLECTIONS SERIES BY ROBERT FERRIER Robert Ferrier is a retired university research administrator living in Norman. He received a BA in Journalism and an MBA from the University of Oklahoma. He has published two novels at Amazon Kindle ebooks.  His photo, “Magnolia…


Art Feature: Karen Nielsen

25 Dec 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Art

Art: Dive Down by Karen Nielsen, @karennielsen13 ART FEATURE: KAREN NIELSEN What inspired you to become an artist? I never set out to be a visual artist. It was more of an accident and came from my music. I moved to NYC in the 1980s. The downtown…


Art Feature: Paco Esteve

20 Nov 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Art

Art: SAMUEL CANO (photographer) By Ines Villeparisis y Paco Esteve ART FEATURE: PACO ESTEVE I have a degree in Sociology and also in Advertising and Public Relations. In both degrees I studied various specific subjects related to art. My first experience in the art world was the self-publishing…


Art Feature: Chaos and Thread

17 Oct 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Art

Art: All of Me by C.A.T aka Chaos and Thread ART FEATURE: CHAOS AND THREAD I was born in New Zealand and have lived most of my life in Auckland city.  I formalized my arts practice at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, achieving high merit…


The Art of Gay Pasley

09 Oct 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Art

THE ART OF GAY PASLEY   “The Matriarch” “Broken Treaties”   “The Face of Oklahoma” “Sign of the Times” About the artist: Gay Pasley is a professional nurse, an award winning community leader and photographic artist whose work is featured in Loud Zoo, Abstract Magazine…


The Opulence Series: Art by André Gonçalves

21 Sep 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Art

The Opulence Series: Art by André Gonçalves About the artist: André Gonçalves, born in 1987, lives and works on the island of Madeira. A lover of art in its many forms, he describes himself as a photo lunatic; eccentric and bizarre. He soon applied his…

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