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Abstract seeks fine art in all forms that engages with both the crises and joys of our shared human condition. We seek art that engages the edge of now; we seek to explore a future forward zeitgeist with a respect for the gifts of the past. We are looking for both established and emerging artists across a broad range of genres. Our criteria is quality.
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The Glass As Half by Steven Mayoff

01 Nov 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Poetry

Art: Alexandra Bath by André Gonçalves THE GLASS AS HALF 1 Being alive in the moment and the moment to come. The drinking glass is a mind nourished on a facsimile of emptiness. The faucet sings one clear drip after another. The glass as half is…


Christmas Tree by James Croal Jackson

30 Oct 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Poetry

Art: Marie Dashkova CHRISTMAS TREE the christmas tree represents unity meaning in this room we want each other blue lights intertwined with pines green and lust thus we hang our ornaments watch the tree shed its skin onto dog-dusty floor. there are hooks and angels…


Recipe for a Better World by David Lohrey

26 Oct 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Poetry

Art: Cyril Larvor RECIPE FOR A BETTER WORLD Don’t you know the difference between a potato and a lion? That’s odd. They put lions on pajamas but not potatoes. You’ll never see potatoes on your brother’s pajamas. Lions roar. Lions are not called spuds. Lions…


Ant Gel by James Croal Jackson

25 Oct 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Poetry

Art: Pravin Patil ANT GEL Fill the cracks so the ants can’t infest. This is the poison applied for feeding: urine-yellow icky glue sealing lips to take home to another body. Sometimes words stick where I open my mouth– the crevice between us not letting you…


2029 At the Latest by David Lohrey

25 Oct 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Poetry

Art: “CiGar Web” by Ferrandis Issaev 2029 AT THE LATEST My guardian won’t let me out to play. She told me to amuse myself in my room. She doesn’t want me to get wet. She’s afraid the neighbor’s dog might bite. I have some games I…


Stripper by Vi Khi Nao

24 Oct 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Poetry

Art: Photograph by William Zuback STRIPPER Three men in the midst of a biblical dual. Let us be clear about what is happening: The one in the center, famous for his tongue, is trying to pantomime the message that anything holy does not need to…


Where the Wild Things Were by Carol Davis Koss

23 Oct 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Poetry

Art: Silver Lining by Andrew Flint Shipman WHERE THE WILD THINGS WERE I have mislaid shadows misplaced their sullen corners I have lost light swallowed dark’s debris Midnight’s razor fells dawn stricken in one rasp Nothing is still All – turned to stone About the…


Home by Bleriana Myftiu

20 Oct 2017, Posted by JL Jacobs in Short Fiction

Art: Altar by Jieun Beth Kim HOME 1 One summer night in Tirana, on the balcony on the second floor, I lay on my back feeling the cool breeze and listening to the croaking of frogs from the artificial lake, a strange lullaby. I found myself…


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